Print ANYTHING on your Galaxy s8 or iPhone X phone case!!!

Galaxy S8 phone case from Printful with my Pūkiawe (Styphelia tameiameiae) design on the back

There is an entire store dedicated to iPhone cases at the mall here. An ENTIRE STORE. Not so for Samsung users. If you really want a case for an S8 from the mall here, you’d probably have to rifle in vain through the aisles at CVS, although I do expect to see people capitalize on this market soon. There’s actually kind of a dearth of cases for Samsung users right now. Even Amazon doesn’t have a great selection, and all the retailers that carry cute, modern phone case designs pretty much seem to cater to iPhone users.

So it’s particularly great to see Printful, an online printing company with a spectacularly well designed website, offer phone cases for both Apple and Android users that one can print ANYTHING on.

The case is a clear plastic. Printful says the back is polycarbonate while the sides are polyurethane. Polycarbonate will offer better protection in impacts, while the polyurethane is flexible. The case snaps on to the phone and fits perfectly. Time will tell if it stretches out or not. It feels durable and like it will protect the phone (not sure to what degree, but certainly from smudges and scratches and perhaps light impacts) without feeling bulky. It has a slim enough profile to be considered minimalist in my opinion. Your print covers the back, while the sides remain clear. You can print your design on the back for under 11 USD.

They have cases for iPhone 5/5s/SE/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus/7/8/7 Plus/8 Plus/X and Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8+.

The website is very easy to use. I particularly like their Mockup Generator which in my experience has accurately represented how your design will look on the final product.

The turnaround time is very fast, as is shipping, and they will put your logo or company name on the shipping materials!


Strawberry santa hats


So I saw a version of this on BuzzFeed while searching for quick and easy holiday treat ideas. The person they linked to used brownies as the foundation for the “santa hats,” but I’ve never met a store-bought brownie that tastes good so I went with thin oreos instead.

I love this idea because the ratio of fun and festive and visually stunning to effort required can be very high… unless you make the hat base and icing or frosting yourself.

To make these, I just placed strawberries with the green tops removed on to the cream filling side of a thin oreo and finished with white icing. I bought extra berries to make sure I could pick out the ones that were the right size and shape.

The downside of this approach is that they do not keep well. It’s not a great dessert to make ahead of time. Icing or frosting can melt and the cookie becomes soggy over time, even with the cream filling as a barrier. Ideally you would make these to order, or just before serving.

I like the oreo cookie base, but if a tray of these had to sit for a long time, I would use a whole oreo, or the regular oreos instead of the thin ones, because the thin half oreo cookie practically liquified after many hours under the berry. Honestly, a brownie base would be even better for this reason, but I think a thin half oreo looks better.

If you search around you’ll find other people have used mini marshmallows on the top instead of frosting. I’ve also seen a cute variation on these where strawberries are used to make miniature edible santas, although that looks like it would take a lot more effort and involve piping bags.

Looking at the photo now, it’s so tempting to put googly eyes on the santa hats!