Easy DIY bag


I needed yellow satin fabric for my Bowie costume project, but I thought the yellow fabric at my local fabric store was too yellow so I bought a nude colored fabric instead figuring it was the better option of the two. I was wrong. Once I started putting the costume together, the nude colored fabric clearly clashed with the other colors in the outfit. I went back and bought the too-yellow yellow fabric. Once I saw it next to the other fabrics I knew it was the way to go, and that it wasn’t too yellow at all. Now I had half a yard of unused nude satin, and no plan.

I initially thought I’d just donate it, but a friend was making cute little bags and inspiration struck. I had a snorkel lying around collecting dust so I decided to make a bag for it. Never mind that it is more the color of ballet shoes than the vibrant tropical print beach attire I’m seeing everywhere right now. I love light-colored fabrics paired with a tiny jolt of thoughtfully placed black. I rarely see it done, and can’t figure out why. I had wanted to make a drawstring type bag for a while, and decided that the drawstring for this bag needed to be black grosgrain ribbon.

I had enough fabric to line it, so that’s what I did. I made a large button hole for the ribbon to come out of, which wasn’t as wide as I originally wanted so I had to use thinner ribbon. I decided to cut the ribbon ends at a slight angle. It turns out finishing the raw edge of ribbon is surprisingly easy. All it takes is a couple of quick passes of a flame to melt the fibers together. This YouTube video taught me how to do it. It took a little practice to keep the edge straight and not burn off too much, but there’s not much to it otherwise.

Next time I’d make two openings for the ribbon instead of just one. It’s an aesthetic thing. I think it would look nicer with a space between each ribbon. I may also try folding the corners up to create depth to the bag, depending what it’s for. I’m also not sure how to prevent the ribbon from getting twisted. Maybe I’ll sew it down on the other end if I can find a way to make that stitching blend in.

Whelp, now I’m looking forward to becoming a bag lady. Bags for everything!

Love the hat for summer, by the way. It’s the Textured Summer Straw Hat by J.Crew. Wish I had a recommendation for a bikini, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! Have you ever tried sewing a bag? What did you make?



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